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  1. Lot of 2 linen washed pillowcases chambrai 60 threads
  2. Washed flat linen sheet chambrai 60 threads - 270x300
  3. Fitted sheet 100% washed linen hat 40 cm
  4. Washed Linen Duvet Cover Reversible 60 Wires Chambrai Woven Dyed
  5. Taie Oreiller lin Lavé 60 fils /cm² 65x65
  6. Taie d'Oreiller Lin Lavé
    Taie d'Oreiller Lin Lavé
    À partir de 18,00 €
  7. washed linen duvet cover set
    washed linen duvet cover set
    À partir de 219,00 €
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7 Items of 7

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Do you want to buy a duvet cover made from a natural material? We advise you to go to pure linen, which is a vegetable textile fiber. Its appearance and texture are highly appreciated by our customers. You will have the most beautiful bed linen for your room.

A linen duvet cover

Flax fiber is a natural material. The flax industry is grown around the world and even in France! Thus, the humid regions of northern France and the Baltic countries produce flax in quantity and especially in quality. This material is very pleasant, because the fiber is light and allows you to spend summer nights.

The maintenance of linen bed linen

Our Salomé Prestige linen duvet covers are produced in Europe. Wash your cover at less than 60 ° C to avoid a slight shrinkage. Wash your linen pillowcases in "delicate" fashion. Flax is known to crease, so to avoid this, iron it by slightly moistening it.

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